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Innovative benefits for happy workers

Thanks to the integration between Devengo and Nivimu, Alannia Resorts hasn’t only managed to offer a great comprehensive service to its workers, the HR department has also noticed a reduction in administrative burden


About the company

Alannia Resorts

Alannia Resorts is part of Grupo Marjal’s business tourism line. It’s a company in the tourism sector whose main pursuit is to develop holiday resorts with a presence throughout the Mediterranean arch. It has more than 500 workers.

The Challenge

Bringing Greater Value to Their Workers

Organizations like Alannia, which opted for digital transformation before the pandemic, haven’t been as affected as other companies have. However, when it comes to offering more valuable benefits to their workers, they’ve detected problems in their management.

The tourism sector is characterized by having a high turnover rate and a variety of shifts, which makes management complex for the Human Resources Department.

In addition, unlike companies with only “office” workers, the ones that have gone more digital have seen how much more they can offer their workers. By combining all the different benefits they offer onto one useful platform, they not only make the lives of their workers easier, but they also improve user engagement overall.


Alannia Resorts Improves Its Value Proposition After Implementing Devengo

Alannia Resorts offered Devengo to its workers and they could see the number of benefits it brought them. Among the most prominent are:

Simple Integration with Nivimu

One of the challenges Alannia faced was the limited use that workers made of the benefits they were offered. To solve the problem, they decided to put all these benefits together in a simple application developed by Nivimu, called Alannia One.

Thanks to the fast and easy integration of Devengo through its API, Nivimu offered Alannia workers the possibility to access their salary when they needed it.

Knowledge of the Data

Big Data has become an indispensable tool for companies. In this case, Alannia uses the data to understand and measure what they can improve. This also makes it possible to enrich the Employee Value Proposition.

Department Management Optimization

The Human Resources Department, where these systems contribute the greatest value, can better satisfy the needs of their staff. This increases the potential of the workers and their commitment to the company.

Alannia knows that one of the administrative tasks that it can delegate is the management of pay advances. In this way, the Human Resources Department can focus on what really matters, their workers.

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Marina Salar
Marina Salar
Human Resources Director of Grupo Marjal

Devengo is a very easy and intuitive tool. We must congratulate you on the good UX that you have achieved. In addition to the good integration capacity that you have demonstrated