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Ecoscooting Improves its Employer Branding Thanks to Salary on Demand

Attracting and retaining talent is now easier for Ecoscooting thanks to offering salary on demand with Devengo

  • 45%

    of workers enjoy salary on demand

  • + 370

    monthly advances

  • 2

    monthly minimum advances per driver

About the company


EcoScooting is a same-day delivery service. They also have their own SaaS platform to manage and optimize their delivery operation.

It was founded in 2015 and aims to offer a sustainable intercity shipping service, oriented at both individuals and companies.

The Challenge

Attract and Retain Last-Mile Workers

This is a sector where, historically, wages are not very high. For this reason, what is most valued are the different social benefits that the company offers.

EcoScooting, sometimes, has had to grant loans to drivers or advance payment to solve liquidity problems for its workers. However, it is a long and costly process that overloads HR and finance departments.


Devengo & EcoScooting: The Custom Advances

By offering salary on demand with Devengo, Ecoscooting has achieved its main objective: to attract and retain talent.

It has also provided the company with other benefits:

Financial Stress Reduction

For Ecoscooting, the well-being of its workers is the most important factor; thanks to an improvement in their economic situation, workers don’t have any liquidity problems and this has a positive effect on their productivity.

Improvement of Employer Branding

By decreasing its liquidity problem with this solution, the perception of the company in the market improved. With this, it isn’t only possible to retain workers, but also to attract new candidates.

Robain de Jong
CEO of EcoScooting

This service has allowed us to give our workers flexibility in collecting their salary, which is a great differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.