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The Solution that Improves the Well-being of Workers

Thanks to Devengo, Gana Energía’s workers have a simple and intuitive tool that allows them to request their already earned salary in a discreet and easy way

  • 2

    monthly Devengos per worker

  • 16%

    active users

  • -5%

    reduction in administrative burden

About the Company

Gana Energía

Gana Energía is a Valencian company that markets green energy. In comparison to the large electrical plants in Spain, as their main objective, they aim to offer a more adjusted real energy alternative to people.

They have more than 35,000 customers nationwide.

The Challenge

Bringing Greater Value to Their Workers

Gana Energía has, at its core, the commitment to offering technological solutions. So when they heard about a system that automates payroll advances while offering benefits to the workers, they didn’t think twice.


The Alliance that Thinks of its Workers

After a year of use, Devengo has brought many benefits, not only to workers but also to the company itself:

Discretion for Workers

Although Gana Energía’s workforce didn’t previously ask for many payroll advances, with the implementation of Devengo they have seen an increase in Devengos requests.

This was an existing need for the workforce, however, workers preferred not to face situations that could become somewhat “embarrassing” which then caused them to look for other alternatives that had the potential of being more harmful to their personal finances.

Administrative Burden Reduction

Since it is the workers themselves who manage each of the requests, the Human Resources and Finance departments are freed from the processing of the usual payroll advances. In addition, it is of great value to the financial department that it is, Devengo, who advances the money and that these advances don’t affect the company’s cash flow.

Silvia Abellán
Labour Technician

Devengo is a very discreet tool that allows workers to access their salary without needing to justify why they need to get an advance on their paycheck