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How Jobandtalent added 15 points to their NPS thanks to Devengo

By implementing Devengo, Jobandtalent has managed to improve the satisfaction of its workers and its Employer Branding

  • 100%

    active workers

  • 2.3

    salary advances per worker

  • + €750.000

    monthly advanced salaries

About the company


Jobandtalent is a leading company in the digitization of the labor market. It has client companies in all sectors and has more than 10 million users in 8 different markets.

Some of their clients are Banco Santander, Cabify, and Amazon; these being some of the leading companies that rely on Jobandtalent for their hiring processes.

The Challenge

Improve Worker Satisfaction

Jobandtalent’s main objective is to take care of their workers, helping them find stability and providing them with benefits and incentives.

Faced with the wide range of social benefits that other companies offer their permanent workers, companies like Jobandtalent, which have a temporary workforce, have the huge challenge of finding benefits that they can offer their workers to improve their satisfaction.


Devengo and Jobandtalent: A Success Story

When Jobandtalent decided to integrate Devengo and offer salary on demand to their workers, they experienced a 15-point improvement in their NPS. These were the best results they have had in their history after incorporating a new functionality system.

In addition, it provides the company with other benefits:

Reducing Financial Stress

It allows workers to get paid earlier, preventing them from having to resort to taking out microcredit or loans to cope with their day-to-day expenses.

Employer Branding Improvement

This solution to your liquidity problems increases satisfaction and improves the perception of the company in the market.

 70% Reduction in Administrative Burden

Devengo saves the high human and time cost of managing pay advances internally. In addition, it advances the capital, so that the cash flow of the company is not affected.

Ernesto Cortés
Ernesto Cortés Torres
Senior Global Ops at Jobandtalent

Offering salary on demand through Devengo has increased the satisfaction of our workers and their NPS by 15 points