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Plasbel Reduces Financial Stress for Their Workers by Offering Salary on Demand

Improving workers’ well-being and providing economic peace of mind are some of the advantages Plasbel has gained after implementing Devengo’s Salary on Demand

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    workers improve their financial health

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    monthly pay advances per worker

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About the Company


Plasbel is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality films. They offer solutions in flexible packaging and industrial film for food and domestic use.

In addition, they have two production plants, which reach a manufacturing volume of 65,000 tons. The plant located in Spain does 85% of its production.

The Challenge

Improving the Financial Well-being of Workers

The main asset of any company is its workers. Therefore, offering workers benefits that help make their financial well-being better will increase their motivation and happiness.

Plasbel realized that it had to offer its workers a solution that would help them give them peace of mind and be able to cope with any unexpected expense they might encounter, thus reducing their financial stress.


Every Success Has Its Story: Devengo and Plasbel

Plasbel, after offering Devengo to its employees, realized the number of benefits it brings to their employees and also to themselves. Some of the benefits include:

Reduction of Financial Stress

Thanks to the implementation of Devengo, workers can enjoy greater peace of mind and face any unforeseen expenditure without increasing their financial stress. This has a positive impact on their productivity and motivation in the day-to-day business.

Discretion for Workers

Being a service that can be accessed through the Devengo app, they don’t have to give explanations and go through situations that can create some discomfort. By being able to manage their own financial situation, they create greater self-confidence.

Administrative Burden Reduction

Thanks to the technology used by Devengo, it can be integrated into any payroll or human resources software quickly and easily. This means reducing the administrative burden on the Human Resources Department, allowing them to spend more time on tasks of greater value to the team.

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Cristina Saura
Head of Human Resources at Plasbel

It’s a tool, which simply by having it, already gives you peace of mind