Much more than an employee benefit

A social benefit that truly changes the lives of your workers, a solution to their  financial stress,  and in addition to all this, an idea that improves the day to day in your company

Advantages for your company

For all every employees, for every departments

Devengo is a revolution for all workers that work in a team, they win and so does the company.  A win-win!

  • + Satisfaction

    The employee has their money in seconds and when they need it

  • + Efficacy

    No paperwork, no intermediaries, and not having to knock on any doors

  • + Stability

    No financial transactions for the peace of mind for the financial department

  • + Engagement

    The financial health of each employee is a priority of the Human Resources Department

How it works

A step further in your digital transformation

You already give pay advances to your employees, which the law states is what you need to do, but have you calculated the personnel cost along with the time and money that it entails for the company? We will tell you now that you are paying too much. Now is the moment, make the change to Salary on Demand

Without Devengo

  • Day 8 Workers need money and they ask for a pay advance from Human Resources
  • Day 9 Human Resources approves the request and sends it to the Finance Department
  • Day 10 The Finance Department carries out a bank transfer
  • Day 11 The Accounting Department makes the necessary accounting entries
  • Day 12 The employee receives the money they needed
  • Day 28 The Accounting Department or the external consultancy records the amount discounted from the salary after the pay advance

With Devengo

  • Day 8 The employee needs money and requests a Devengo, they receive it in seconds
  • Day 28 The Accounting Department process the worker payroll

In Summary, we help to ensure that the process is faster and more efficient for you

  • The employee can only access the money they have earned, there are 0 risks
  • There is no paperwork, no intermediaries nor financial transactions in your company
  • The day of your payroll deadline, we will send you a file to be able to apply the Devengos easily

The most complete tool

We take away the workload, but not the control

For your peace of mind, the supervision of the pay advances is still in your hands.  With your own management dashboard you will be able to: 

  • Manage the registration and cancelation of employees
  • Change salaries and contracts
  • Modify the restrictions on the pay advances (amount, number and dates)
  • Manage the accounting and records
  • Extract information and analyses

And if you want, we will work with your accounts manager

File sharing, API… We have different levels of  technical integration to make even more easy for you. Ask us!

  • SAP®
  • Sage
  • Integrho
  • Meta
  • Personio
  • Nivimu
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • Seresco

Collaborative economy

Offer your partners a new way of getting paid

They are the most important asset of your company and taking care of them is fundamental.  Give them a benefit that will improve the financial health

Information security

We protect your personal information and that of your employees

  • Security

    Guaranteed for all your information: employee, physical security, access, hosting and networks, accounting records, accessibility and audits

  • Confidentiality

    To preserve your security, access is backed up by various safeguards; your information is encrypted while in transit as much as when it is idle

  • Integrity

    We strictly control and record the access to your information both online and internally. This is done to guarantee the protection of your information all the time

  • Availability

    Your information is replicated in real time in different UE data centers that automatically change in minutes should any incident occur

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