Revolutionize your payroll with your own Fintech solution

Make your own personalized Fintech proposal and it will be totally integrated into your products. Decide what you want to offer and what kind of infrastructure it needs and we’ll make that happen for you


If you want to keep growing, Devengo is for you

Payroll Outsourcing service providers

HR / HRTech Software

Compensation and benefit package service providers

  • Propel

    your business forward and amplify the products and services that you offer to your clients

  • Differentiate

    yourself from your competitors with a Fintech service that broadens the way you pay salaries

  • Increase

    engagement, retention, the recurrence of end users with your tools


Design your proposal, piece by piece

Salary on demand

Offer a new way to get paid and change the lives of workers and companies. It is transparent for the user, no login, no new tools and no worries for you: we put forth the funds and the technology

Instant salary payments

How many of your employees have had delays in being paid when the dates coincide with public holidays? Avoid this problem by using SEPA instant transfers to pay the salaries of your employees. You can do this using our program, which is completely safe and easily integrated into any payroll software, all you need is a Spanish IBAN number

Monday, June 3

Smart card

A corporate card for you and your company clients that is so intelligent it knows where to take the money from according to the operation. There isn’t one like it on the market! 

  • Multiple wallets, corporate or consumer, in only one tockenizable card
  • Ad-hoc configuration: included incentives, cost categories, sums, schedules, customized benefits…
  • Free from debts and commitments, the perfect compliment to salary on demand
Monday to Friday Lucía pays for herlunch from the flexible payment planOn Saturday she request an advance toinvite her friends to dinner for her birthdayEvery month she pays for her yoga classeswith the “healthy life program” of her company

Targets for Saving

Help the financial well-being of your employees by offering them wallets with which they will be able to manage their salaries

Would your employees like to allocate part of their salary to savings? Perfect, because now they can!  We have an easy, flexible way for them to do this that doesn’t come with any pressure to fill the piggy bank, they can just do it and forget it


We speak your language, we are 100% embedded fintech

Technology, teams, productos, legal conditions….Every company is different, we adapt to the technical possibilities of yours and your clients

How we integrate ourselves

Webview or Iframe

If you already have your own product or channel to be able to communicate with your employees, it doesn’t matter if it is an app or webpage, we can integrate ourselves into what you already have

  • Without complications, the user will only see a new functionality in the tools they already use
  • We are sure to take care of the user experience in our native app so that it is always easy and intuitive to use
  • We respect your brand: your logo, your colors, your copies, we adapt to you!


Use our API to develop your own solution using our building blocks: 

  • We've developed our API since 0. It’s secure, scalable and available 24/7 with a very simple integration
  • Design the interface according to your company’s needs, our technology make it easy for you
  • We’re a fast, flexible and experienced team; We’re used to working side by side with other developers

How do we exchange data?

We only require and exchange the essential information of the employees so that we are able to provide the service

Batch process

We update your files according to the agreed upon frequency (daily, hourly, etc) so that we can maintain your data up to date without the necessity of integration

Real time connection

We connect to the company ‘s servers via API to be able to sync all the data at all times


Why choose Devengo?

Love is blind, but companies are not.  Join together with a partner that can truly help you to become a better company

  • Economic Benefits

    We share the profit margin of the services with you

  • Flexible go-to-market

    We are prepared to help you launch in just a couple of weeks

  • 100% on brand

    We develop your fintech solution under the umbrella of your own brand

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