The new way to financial well-being

Difficulty making it to the end of the month, debt, credit cards… for a lot of workers getting paid at the end of the month is not enough. The solution is in your hands: offer them Devengo and help them to get the most out of their salaries

The problem

The lack of liquidity, an endless loop for workers

According to the OCU, a third of workers don’t make it to the end of the month.  The, “solutions” that the market offers only increase their debt and doom their present and future: 

  • 1 in 4people have an activated credit card
  • +3 milldelay paying their bills
  • 1 in 3families cannot face unforeseen events

The solution

Goodbye worries, hello salary on demand

Devengo is the solution that allows workers to ask for advances on their salary from the comfort of their mobile phone, no paperwork and no waiting. It is as easy as it sounds, for them and for your company

An unexpected expense? Request a Devengo and... it's done!

  • Simple

    When you get paid your salary, it will be shown in the app, no calculations needed

  • Intuitive

    The worker only has to decide on the amount of money they want and click the button

  • Fast

    The worker receives the money instantaneously, either to their bank account or to their Devengo card

  • Convenient

    At the end of the month the amount requested is discounted from your salary or invoice

The Devengo Card, finally a card with no tricks

If a salary on demand is already an excellent way to help improve the financial health of your employees, we have another one for you: the anti-credit card

  • It is topped up with Devengos

    The workers pays on the spot and takes on the expense at the end of the month

  • 0 credit lines associated with it

    In other words, there is no risk of getting into debt

  • No incredibly high financial expense

    The average interest rate of most credit cards is 20%, with ours you only pay for Devengo

Intelligent saving

Yes, with Devengo you can also help your workers save. How? It’s easy with our savings solution that allows workers to keep a part of their salary for savings, which is stored in a virtual piggy bank before they get paid and almost without them realizing it.

  • Personalized savings

    The person establishes their goals and we help them to plan their savings according to their earnings.

  • Operating with Devengos

    The Devengo is done automatically every month, and it goes into the piggy bank directly.

  • Money, always available

    If you need it, you can have the money, as always, in seconds. This is a way to help you, not an obligation.

Workers Salary on demand

A small step for you, a huge change for your employees

Getting paid when they need it is only the start, with Devengo you’d be giving them much more:

  • Financial freedom

    Free your employees from bondage of credit cards, loans and microcredits and the rest of the dangerous financial products out there

  • Immediate satisfaction

    Be it because of embarrassment or bureaucracy, to ask for a salary advance is always a complicated. If you ask for a Devengo, you receive what you need in a blink of an eye

  • Financial education

    Give them the tools they need to manage their salary, expenses and monitor their debt. Help them to make good decisions


Happy workers = Happy companies

You reap what you sow. The company that is committed to the well-being of their team reaps all the benefits and sees how everything functions better

  • Simplify your internal processes

    We automate the management of pay advances and we advance the money as well, which will please the finance and administrative departments

  • Improve your employer branding

    Benefits are always welcomed, but when they are related to salary, even more so. Devengo will help you attract and retain professional talent

  • Increase your productivity

    A happy and satisfied employee is more committed to and motivated to do a good job for their company

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